How to use Twitter in your Marketing

Twitter has become one of the strongest social media
sites out there today along with Facebook, Pinterest,
and others. Using Twitter one can tweet and follow other
users which basically is like communicating and friending them.

It is always good to have a social media presence if you own
sites and want to further interact and get personal with the users.
I would recommend having a seperate Twitter account for each site
you own.

Much like building an email list, a Twitter account is useless
without having followers. You can build followers by having social media
badges or buttons on your site in order for them to join which would be
the most common way of gaining followers. Or actively scouting twitter
for people who have interests that pertains to your niche.


Going back to the reference about email marketing, you should
treat Twitter in such the same way. Remember that Twitter is
a social media service and such you should treat it that way FIRST.

Start out by building a relationship with them by offering tips
pertaining to your niche. Say if I am in a SEO niche, one tweet
could be “Are you making a presence in Web 2.0? If not try making
sites at WordPress, Hubpages, etc.” and keep building a friendship
with them.

You want to build a relationship with them because more often
than not I would not buy something from someone who just joined
Twitter and already tweeted their salespage to buy the ourse.

Get in a routine of sending out Monday, Wednesday, Friday tips or
freebies for two weeks. Then try throwing out an offer and see if
you get any bites. Then keep repeating some process like that so
they are not worn out with your offers or too fresh.

Treat them like a friend with the ultimate goal of selling things to them.
If you make out a decent plan you should have good success in marketing
to Twitter users.